why many have little and few have everything

If you have ever asked yourself this question, here is the answer. The new book of Simon Hofer, the 95/5 formula, goes beyond and above this question and delivers exciting and as well as new and amazing answers to it.

The 95/5 formula, stood already 2 months after its publication on 2nd place of the Swiss Book house best-seller list for economics books.

“Humorous and easy to understand, but with the precision of a Swiss clockwork, Simon Hofer shows how the latest findings from brain research help us to understand our lives better, to think differently and to be happier and more successful”

Rundschau Meda AG

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Why many have so little and few have everything


Simon Hofer on stage at GEDANKENtanken in Cologne.


Simon is an author at Redline publishing, part of the Munich publishing group. He is a keynote speaker and trainer with one of Europe’s most renowned speaker agencies, listed with Premium Speakers and a “Professional Member” of the German Speaker Association (GSA). He is a winner of the 2019 and 2020 Excellence Speaker Award as well as a member of the Radio Expert Team DACH. As an expert on the topics of the brain, stress and our genes, he is a sought-after interview guest on radio stations in the DACH countries.
As a business coach and trainer, he is in great demand not only in Switzerland, but also in Germany and Austria. His expertise, especially in the areas of positioning and market orientation, is highly regarded in the industry and is very popular with executives and entrepreneurs. Therefore, he was also head coach for the internationally oriented company GREATOR Today he runs his own Speaker Academy with a team of top coaches and trainers.



The author

Stop competing, start creating

Simon is a motivational content speaker, one who not only convinces people factually and professionally, but also touches them emotionally. Thanks to his vast life experience on various continents (including USA) and his own history, in which he has experienced business and private lows and highs like few other people, he has an enormously broad spectrum of experience that he passes on as a keynote speaker.
As an expert in neuroscience, he explains complex topics and relationships in simple terms and never ceases to amaze his audience with the latest findings from brain research. With humor and expertise, coupled with his direct way of getting to the heart of things, he makes people think differently, learn new things and understand better. Simon is also an optimist, one who puts a smile on others’ faces even in dark times. Our brain has a solution for every problem, says Simon, after all, 6 million kilometers of nerve pathways in our head are waiting to be activated.

“Control your thoughts, control your life”

Simon Hofer

Simon Hofer is known from


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